Urban Renewal Framework


Project Info:

The State Government identified more than 40 hectares of land within the western suburbs of Adelaide, located between Adelaide’s CBD and the coast, which contains a predominance of South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT) properties (70% of the study area) for renewal under the Renewing our Streets and Suburbs (ROSAS) initiative.

Holmes Dyer prepared the Urban Renewal Framework to meet a range of social and public housing initiatives to improve the quality of life and environment for tenants and others in the area. The Framework addresses a range of objectives:

  • Diversify housing and tenure mix and provide greater housing choices;
  • Quality urban outcomes and improved neighbourhood amenity;
  • New and refurbished social housing suited to tenant needs;
  • Increase housing density;
  • Sensitive and seamless tenant relocation;
  • Economic stimulus as per the Government’s Industry Participation Policy;
  • Affordable housing opportunities;
  • Private, public and community sector investment;
  • Improve quality of dwelling stock through redevelopment; and
  • Improve housing infrastructure and streetscapes and opportunities for placemaking.
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