Small Lot Housing Delivery in South West Sydney

Small Lot2

Project Info:

Holmes Dyer prepared a comprehensive report and concept plan for the NSW Department of Planning and Environment which sought to understand the opportunity for small lot housing, medium density housing and apartments on a large site in south west Sydney.

The report addressed a range of fundamental policy and design issues including:

  • defining small lot housing and its role in fringe and infill markets;
  • the development of location criteria for the delivery of increased residential densities;
  • existing policies and design limitations;
  • key small lot housing design considerations including;
    • titling
    • neighbourhood design
    • sloping land
    • integrated land, civil, landscape and dwelling design; and
  • specific design standards, addressing:
    • setbacks
    • lot sizes
    • building heights
    • site coverage
    • soft landscaping
    • private open space
    • sunlight access
    • car parking and access
    • materials, colours and finishes
    • design variety
    • waste storage and collection
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