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Small Lot

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Holmes Dyer is at the forefront of urban design involving small lot housing, having been responsible for the preparation of large and small scale projects in South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania as well as providing policy advice in New South Wales and Victoria.

Many of these projects have included social housing and affordable housing outcomes, market rental products and a mixing of small scale apartment projects with the small lot housing to produce a range of housing products and price points within a single project. A number of these concepts have been prepared for not-for-profit housing providers.

Designs often involve orientation around a central open space which provides for informal recreation opportunities for local residents. Concepts include front loaded and rear loaded designs that facilitate direct reserve frontage, improve visitor parking opportunities and avoid direct access onto busy roads.

Projects have achieved yields of 50-80 dwellings per hectare, typically comprising 2 and 3 bedroom abutting detached dwellings on allotments of around 60-120m2 and sometimes including 3 and 4 level apartment buildings with ground level car parking to control construction costs.

Public road cross-sections have included reduced road reserve widths, shareways, dedicated parking bays, verge infiltration beds and a range of other design techniques.

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