Roseworthy Social Infrastructure Planning


Project Info:

Holmes Dyer, on behalf of private developers, is working in collaboration with Light Regional Council, State Government and diverse stakeholders and interest groups to deliver a framework for delivering the Roseworthy Township Expansion. A range of concept plans have been created covering the proposed town centre to identify key opportunities for developing a liveable new community in the outer northern suburbs.

Work to date has included:

  • Undertaking social and community impact assessments of the proposed Roseworthy Township Expansion;
  • Establishing a social infrastructure deed to secure sufficient space and investment to deliver community health and well-being outcomes through the Roseworthy Township Expansion;
  • Development of concept designs to consider open space, recreation, community facilities and community health and well-being in conjunction with infrastructure and development requirements;
  • Undertaking a demographic forecast to determine the schooling requirements of a future community created by the expansion;
  • Public realm and urban design proposals to inform a visioning excercise for future infrastructure standards and investment; and
  • Undertaking an analysis of current and future sports facility requirements to determine the appropriate provision of infrastructure for community sport.

This work follows a comprehensive rezoning of Roseworthy that included a significant research component and broad stakeholder consultation.

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