Robinvale Housing Strategy


Project Info:

Holmes Dyer was engaged by Swan Hill Rural City Council to prepare a Housing Strategy for the town of Robinvale, with the intention of directing resources and partners toward a better accommodation and housing outcome for the town. Research and consultation into the potential housing crisis in Robinvale revealed complex circumstances and diverse needs that go beyond the accommodation of labour attracted to the town for employment.

The Robinvale Housing Strategy was underpinned by a comprehensive and evidence-based analysis including:

  • Consideration of environmental, social and economic conditions and scenarios;
  • Effective stakeholder consultation, research and review of case studies to identify best practice and leading approaches;
  • Sensitive growth balanced with water availability, extreme weather events, promotion of biodiversity, conservation of culturally significant landscapes and protection of primary production land;
  • An Implementation Plan that will guide stakeholders towards a better housing future in Robinvale;
  • Alignment with State Government initiatives for the region; and
  • Practical tools to assist Council to facilitate, manage and monitor a partnership approach to future housing initiatives.

Key considerations included housing typology options, alternative delivery mechanisms, rezoning opportunities, funding availability and financial measures to address the consequences of low underlying property values and low capital growth despite and absence of rental vacancies

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