Market Research and Demographic Analysis


Project Info:

Holmes Dyer was engaged to prepare a key supporting market research document to underpin the eventual rezoning (or other equivalent planning pathway) of a large fringe land parcel for urban development purposes. A key element of this report was the provision of an evidence-based analysis of the size, scale and mix of the market likely to underpin the project and an understanding of how the site would fit into the broader Adelaide land and housing market.

The market research was underpinned by a comprehensive analysis of the population and demographics which are driving the growth of Greater Metropolitan Adelaide and the northern suburbs and peri-urban areas.

The report assessed:

  • Key demographics, housing and land statistics;
  • Land and housing supply and demand, specifically, an analysis of land, housing and apartment sales activity;
  • Broadhectare supply and demand, in particular, the evaluation of trends, zoning, servicing and timing of delivery;
  • The performance of various master planned communities; and
  • Market size, mix and other characteristics.

This review of demographics, housing and sales data and predicted growth trends establish the likely timing for the need to deliver land and housing within the region under investigation. The research identified the particular product types required to match the anticipated current and future population characteristics of the region and identified supply and demand predictions for a 20-year horizon.

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