Low Cost Affordable Housing Research Paper


Project Info:

The Strategic Development Projects Division at the City of Salisbury is responsible for identifying best value opportunities for the development of surplus Council land in support of growth through urban renewal.

Holmes Dyer was engaged to deliver a Low Cost Affordable Housing Research Paper to identify case studies and additional options for provision and management of low cost housing as a component of future Council strategic property development projects.

The report assessed:

  • Demand characteristics to identify the likely market catchment and purchaser preferences;
  • Supply characteristics based on a real time assessment of relevant housing products currently available on the market and an assessment of most recent sales trends;
  • Affordability criteria to determine areas of greatest needs and overall capacity for the market catchment to pay;
  • Case studies of existing relevant national and international projects; and
  • A range of delivery models that could most appropriately apply to the City of Salisbury and the future Salisbury Living Projects.

This project culminated in a strategic research and recommendations report identifying best practice approaches to developing community land for economic, social and built form benefits, focussing on:

  • Housing access and affordability;
  • Social housing and crisis accommodation;
  • Accommodation options for transient populations;
  • Housing needs for diverse and newly arrived populations; and
  • Product housing types and price points for commercial return from Council assets.
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