Bridgewater-Gagebrook Social Improvement Plan

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Project Info:

The Plan was a document that coordinated support and participation by a range of critical stakeholders toward implementing a better housing future for the residents of Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Herdsman’s Cove by conveying a compelling vision for the communities to which public, private and not for profit sectors could all contribute.

The process included:

  • Alignment with the broader strategic context and objectives of critical stakeholders and potential investors;
  • Comprehensive research and analysis of drivers of change including demography, market and property realities;
  • Service delivery/partner engagement to enhance ownership of the Master Plan, improve implementation and coordination and ultimately the sustainability of proposed actions and outcomes;
  • Community engagement so that the Master Plan was informed by experience and the implementation could be recognised by participants;
  • Creation of a governance framework to guide equitable and strategic decision making and enhance stakeholder accountability and certainty; and
  • Creation of a costed and timed implementation plan.

The Master Plan has been successful in that it has influenced works programs and asset management plans of Bridgewater Council and State Government, and attracted Commonwealth funding for better regions in the order of $430k.

The Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Herdsman’s Cove Master Plan is a blueprint for the regeneration of public realm and social housing stock across three socio-economically challenged communities within Tasmania

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