Bridgewater-Gagebrook Approach to Urban Design

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Project Info:

Bridgewater-Gagebrook is a community in Hobart that contains a predominance of Housing Tasmania properties and tenants (more than 80% of the housing stock in some locations) and which, under the Better Housing Futures Tasmania program, is now largely under the management of a not-for-profit community housing organisation (Centacare Evolve Housing). Holmes Dyer prepared the Master Plan for the re-invigoration of this substantial precinct, which currently houses around 7,500 persons.

The Master Plan addresses a range of issues, including:

  • The delivery of a substantial addition to the overall housing stock through the development of underused and disused land parcels and the redevelopment of existing inappropriate housing;
  • The attraction of private sector ownership through the delivery of affordable housing outcomes which represent better value outcomes than available elsewhere in Hobart;
  • The introduction of new housing typologies and densities which are much more fit-for-purpose, recognising changing household sizes and the ability to maintain large garden spaces;
  • The addressing of major safety design issues arising from the original Radburn design philosophy of Bridgewater-Gagebrook by reorienting housing, opening up secluded parks and walkways and creating new public road links to open up concealed public space;
  • A strategy for the redevelopment of the excessive public reserves which will result in much improved recreational opportunities in more concentrated activity spaces; and
  • The role of public realm parks, facilities and streetscapes and their maintenance in the delivery of renewal projects.
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