Bridgewater-Gagebrook Master Plan Implementation and Governance

Ps Bw Gb Mp Implementation

Project Info:

Stage 2 of the Bridgewater-Gagebrook Master Plan involves its implementation. Holmes Dyer is actively involved in the implementation process being at the forefront of negotiations with the local council and numerous State agencies with a view to deliver a holistic outcome that has buy-in from all relevant agencies.

Holmes Dyer has been responsible for:

  • individual site designs involving acceptance on new housing product;
  • negotiation of development applications;
  • representations to amend State policies to better support the delivery of innovative and affordable housing;
  • establishment and chairing of internal and external implementation committees;
  • encouraging Local and State budgetary alignment with the Master Plan directions and deliverables;
  • advice on the stock leverage program; and
  • identification of quick wins/small wins for the community (painting, landscaping, footpaths, shelters).
  • Year: 2016
  • Client: Centacare Evolve Housing Tasmania