Bridgewater-Gagebrook Master Plan

Ps Bw Gb Master Plan

Project Info:

The Bridgewater Gagebrook Master Plan was developed to direct a better housing future for the communities of Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Herdsman’s Cove in Tasmania. It provides for a new urban form that is socially responsive and economically pragmatic, underpinned by collaborative and coordinated inputs from Centacare Evolve Housing, the Tasmanian Government and Brighton Council.

Bridgewater Gagebrook and Herdsman’s Cove are existing areas of predominantly public housing designed on Radburn Principles. In this setting, the existing layout has an absence of CPTED and lacks connectivity. The area generally has lower than average SEIFA scores.

Holmes Dyer worked in partnership with Not-For-Profit community housing provider Centacare Evolve Housing, the Brighton Council, Tasmanian Government, and private suppliers of goods and services to develop, and engender support for, an integrated urban and social master plan that addresses the complexities of:

  • Revitalising a community of some 7,500 persons;
  • Attracting new residents into an area previously stigmatised by disadvantage; and
  • Coordinating private, public and not for profit partnerships towards a successful future for the project area.

The Bridgewater Gagebrook Master Plan listened to its most critical stakeholders, translated the context into a compelling case for change, and provides a series of plans and actions to:

  • Improve urban form, connectivity, appeal, and liveability of the project area;
  • Increase diversity of housing and tenure mix to more closely meet community needs that is underpinned by local property market realities;
  • Ensure planning policy enables the introduction of the public and private realm foreshadowed; and
  • Support social revitalisation for sustainable change via coordinated support and interventions such as education initiatives, beautification works, job creation and service provision.
  • Year: 2016
  • Client: Centacare Evolve Housing Tasmania