Prospect Common

Ps Prospect Common

Project Info:

Holmes Dyer prepared a concept for the development of 500 dwellings on an 8 hectare site
at Churchill Road, Prospect, the concept creates:

  • A large central open space around which higher density apartments are configured; 
  • Apartments along the train line and main road edges to the site;
  • Small lot housing, duplexes and townhouses to build market acceptance in the early stages of development; and
  • Laneway access to small lots to optimise the primary street appeal of the estate and optimise yields.

The concept has carefully considered infrastructure requirements and cost management in its formulation of a series of superlots, which facilitate the break up of the site into a series of discrete parcels able to be developed by individual builders within a single coordinated master plans. 

The concept addresses noise from the adjacent train line and main roads through a combination of building placement and noise attenuation design techniques within the buildings themselves. 

As a former industrial site, extensive contamination remediation has been necessary to render the site fit for residential development.

  • Year: 2016