Playford North Master Plan, Rezoning and Infrastructure Deed Delivery

Ps Playford North

Project Info:

Holmes Dyer undertook a comprehensive evaluation of approximately 660 hectares of land at Penfield/Andrews Farm/Munno Para West/Munno Para Downs (Known as Playford North) as part of the process of rezoning land in primary production to urban land, with the intention of delivering residential, retail, commercial, community, recreational and employment lands. 

The evaluation process addressed land suitability, retail and social infrastructure needs, employment lands, reservation of land for playing fields and schools, stormwater management, traffic interventions and infrastructure augmentation requirements. It also addressed noise attenuation issues arising from NExy, contamination risks arising from past uses, interface with primary production areas and management of the interface with the SEA gas pipeline and associated pressure release valves. 

The Master Plan provided for a spatial allocation of land uses, the location of traffic interventions and the allocation of community, education and recreation facilities. 

Holmes Dyer provided a draft Development Plan Amendment (rezoning) for DPTI review and adoption, a definition of the required infrastructure interventions, their timing and cost, and assisted in framing the Deeds governing those infrastructure interventions.

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