Buckland Park Master Plan & Environmental Impact Statement

Ps Buckland Park

Project Info:

Holmes Dyer prepared the initial Master Plan for Buckland Park as a basis for its rezoning. The Master Plan made provision for 12,000 dwellings (30,000 people), 6,000 jobs, a major District Centre and a series of Neighbourhood centres, each providing for a range of education, recreation and community services and facilities. The employment hub sought to build on the local food production, processing, packaging and distribution operations in the area. 

Master planning played particular attention to low lying land, flood levels and floodways to deliver an outcome which optimised development capability without compromising the need to manage stormwater and flooding. 

The Environmental Impact Statement provided a comprehensive evaluation of an extensive range of issues, including:

  • stormwater, flooding, groundwater & water quality;
  • coastal environment issues, including mangroves & salt pans;
  • soils & contamination issues;
  • trunk infrastructure capacity & transport modelling;
  • human services impacts & requirements (health, education, public transport, high needs housing, community services, recreation & emergency services);
  • flora, fauna & insect control;
  • landscape & visual amenity;
  • mineral deposits & exploration;
  • indigenous & European culture & heritage;
  • stakeholder & community consultation;
  • sustainability;
  • employment & economic issues;
  • planning context & policy issues; and
  • legislation impacts.

Holmes Dyer co-authored the document and coordinated the input of sub consultants.

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