Brompton Village

Ps Brompton Village

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The Directors of Holmes Dyer have been responsible for the initial identification of the opportunity to redevelop the remaining obsolete industrial precinct in Brompton into a comprehensive mixed use and medium density residential community which takes full advantage of the transport infrastructure available to the locality (train, tram, bus, cycle and pedestrian) and its proximity to the CBD.

The Directors prepared the urban design concept, which coordinated the approaches of a number of land owners within an 11.44 hectare site to deliver around 1,300 dwellings, more than 3,000m2 of retail and commercial floor space and an open space network which links the entire community, providing multi-directional walking and cycling trails and a linear stormwater detention and cleansing network based upon WSUD principles. The proposed housing product includes a mix of 2/3 storey small lot detached dwelling and townhouses along the interfaces with existing residential areas and 4/6 storey apartment buildings internal to the site. Most dwellings overlook the open space network. A small commercial precinct is proposed for the Hawker Street frontage as a focus of activity and creation of a sense of community.

Holmes Dyer has been responsible for the coordination of initial site investigations, including traffic and parking investigations, civil infrastructure availability, human services requirements, demographic analyses, market evaluations and contamination risks, including ground water mitigation issues and worked with Council to secure a rezoning framework to deliver this project.

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