Atherton Tablelands Retail Study


Project Info:

Holmes Dyer was engaged by the Tablelands Regional Council to undertake a retail analysis of the whole Council area to provide an evidence basis for retail policy development throughout the area. 

The analysis involved: 

  • evaluation of existing floorspace and mix within each centre;
  • review of population projections and demographic change over time;
  • telephone survey of a cross-section of residents as a basis for understanding spending patterns, shopping preferences, non-retail infrastructure requirements and local issues, opportunities and aspirations; and
  • establishment of gross expenditure levels, turnover levels, captured and escape expenditure levels and oversupply/undersupply of floorspace by category.

The analysis underpinned a reaffirmation of the centres hierarchy for the region, identified opportunities for floorspace growth, considered strategies for capturing escape expenditure and for the integration and expansion of community, recreation, entertainment, commercial and health facilities, refined policy settings and provided urban design commentary on the delivery of new retail opportunities in the key centres.

  • Year:
  • Client: Tablelands Regional Council