Adverse Events Plan

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Project Info:

Holmes Dyer Pty Ltd was engaged to assist the Yorke Peninsula Council, District Council of Barunga West and District Council of the Copper Coast to develop an Adverse Events Plan in conjunction with its combined application for funding under the Australian Government’s Drought Communities Programme.

The Adverse Events Plan was the first plan prepared in South Australia and there were no available or prescribed templates, examples or references to guide the work. Holmes Dyer developed a framework based assessment based on relevant context and direction for managing adverse events across the region in the areas of:

  • Communication and coordination;
  • Natural resource management; and
  • Economic diversification and community resilience.

The framework approach is set within the statutory considerations provided by local government strategic and emergency management planning. It does not seek to duplicate these established frameworks. Rather the Adverse Events Plan seeks to inform established systems by:

  • Demonstrating the systems, capacity and resilience of Councils and communities of the Region;
  • Identifying gaps or opportunities aligned with the Councils’ existing structures, systems, budgets and business drivers;
  • Nominating critical projects and a targeted plan that can improve the resilience of communities to adverse events; and
  • Providing ongoing value to the Councils as a key resource document beyond the life of the funding programme.

The Adverse Events Plan was accepted by the Australian Government and will guide the Councils’ approach in preparing for and implementing response and recovery activities to adverse events in the region.

  • Year: 2020
  • Client: Yorke Peninsula, Barunga West & Copper Coast Councils