PIA Tasmania recognises Holmes Dyer's Bridgewater - Gagebrook Master Plan prepared for Centacare Evolve Housing and Housing Tasmania

06 November 2017

The Bridgewater Gagebrook Master Plan received the "Public Engagement, Community Planning" Award for Excellence at PIA Tasmania's State Awards ceremony held on November 3. 

The Bridgewater Gagebrook Master Plan provides a series of plans and actions to improve urban form, appeal and livability in the Bridgewater  Gagebrook and Herdman’s Cove area. It will increase the diversity of housing and tenure mix to more closely meet community needs; and ensure planning policy enables the introduction of the housing foreshadowed.  

In commenting on the project, the Awards' judging panel convener and head judge Mr Alex Brownlie said:

“A central tenant of planning is to ‘make a positive difference’ to the social, environmental and economic outcomes for communities."
"The Bridgewater Gagebrook Master Plan was a very practical demonstration of that noble aspiration.  The project demonstrates the importance of research and understanding of local context..... grounded in the reality of what can be achieved in a socially, economically, and property valuation reality context”. 

For Mr Brownlie a key aspect of the project was the involvement of the community and how the plan drew on their experiences of living in a ‘radburn style’ housing estate, distant from services, experiencing safety concerns, and facing financial problems trying to maintain housing and properties that didn’t necessarily suit their needs.  "The project provided a number of relatively simple solutions to improving the urban form and design, addressing resident safety, providing greater housing choice, and affordability."  He said he "particularly liked the ‘quick wins’ that were facilitated through the community development program, and can now better appreciate how community resilience can be fostered by actively involving and encouraging residents to undertake physical improvements to their own properties and the general area."

The Plan has already attracted federal funding for the redevelpment of Civic Park, though a Brighton Council led joint submission with Centacare Evolve Housing supported by the Master Plan.  A State grant for the provision of walking paths and shelters has also been secured to assist implement a key connectivity route highlighted in the Master Plan. 

Holmes Dyer would like to thank our client Centacare Evolve housing for the opportunity to work on such a life changing project, Housing Tasmania, and the Brighton Council for endorsing the plan and seeking to actively engage in its implementation, and of course PIA Tasmania and the judging panel for their recognition of this project.